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Supermarket Stone Floor Repair Specialist Contractors

We work for several of the major supermarket chains, including Morrisons, Tesco, Co-op and Waitrose. When a new store is due to open, we are called in to do the builders clean and then diamond polish the stone floor before the opening. This work often involves large areas of flooring requiring:-

  • Duct cover replacements, new ducts to be sawn into floor slab.
  • Rawl bolt holes, screw holes - in situ repairs.
  • Impact damage repairs, cutting out single spot tiles, linear metres and sq. metre areas.
  • Re-grouting of all joint lines, expansion strips, mat wells and duct covers.
  • In situ repairs, where precast tiles cannot be installed, mainly ramp areas, stair
    treads and risers, stringers, skirting and wall finishes.
  • Resurface by stone grinding, using a combination of carbon, metal bonded diamonds, electro-plated diamonds and bonded resin diamonds. Reseal with saturate solution of magnesium and zinc silicate fluorides to chemically react with the free lime calciums, harden the slab, to prevent any erosion.
  • Polishing, using high speed equipment with salts, putty powders, crystalizers  and waxes, to give a natural deep sheen.

We carry out refurbishment as a sub contractor to a main construction company, or we will deal direct with food store management, (Co-op, Safeways, Morrisons, Netto, Waitrose, Sainsburys).

Diamond Polishing for Supermarket Stone Floors - Pioneers

The practise of diamond polishing stone floors goes back over 20 years. It has only become a common practise in the last 5 years or so.

Frank Lawrence was behind the widespread adoption of diamond polishing of stone floors in super markets. Lawco undertook frequent builder’s clean contracts, as they do now, for the opening of new supermarkets. Frank suggested that he should apply a diamond polish for the floor of one new supermarket opening in North Manchester. It was made clear that there was no allowance for the cost of a diamond polish in the budget, so Frank undertook the diamond polish free of charge.

The supermarket management were delighted with the result and changed their store opening spec to include the diamond polish. The other supermarkets followed suit and it is now the norm to diamond polish a stone floor as part of the new store opening builder’s clean process.

High Quality Stone Floor Polishing Diamonds

The range of diamonds available for stone floor cleaning has grown considerably over the last 5 years. Lawco specifies higher quality diamonds for our floor polishing process and our customers can certainly tell the difference.

Supermarket Floor Repairs – Recent Examples

Here are some examples of recent supermarket floor repair assignments:

Co-op Supermarkets in Pewsey, Wiltshire & Llandovery, South Wales

These two floor restoration projects came to us through a main contractor with whom we have a long standing relationship.

We replaced a significant number of damaged Terrazzo tiles and repaired rawlbolt damage and joint holes. We then reground the Terrazzo surface, which had been marked with rust stains, and resealed the floors for a first class finish.

Tesco in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.
This was part of the total refurbishment of the store. The work involved cutting out and filling joints, replaced floor tiles, grinding and diamond resurfacing the floor area.

Sainsburys - Liverpool & Seaton Carew
Here we undertook diamond resurfacing and polishing of the Salisbury local stores.

Sainsburys at Cheadle Royal Hospital, Cheshire
For this Sainsburys store we repaired and make good a Terrazzo floor and added a brass edged expansion strip.


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