Importance of Proper Cleaning

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Cleaning ServiceKeeping our homes and work areas clean and sparkling has always been important, and never more than in the last year or so! Cleanliness plays a huge role in our everyday lives, whether it’s personal cleanliness or our environment. Most people understand that this is our first line of defence against infectious diseases and viruses.

Carrying out clean and safe practices is compulsory in some places such as hospitals, clinics and nurseries. As we return to relative normality, this will remain an essential factor in every aspect of life. Investing in cleaning products and services will mean less sickness, and this has many benefits in whatever setting. Absenteeism has grown over the years, and decreasing it is a substantial part of any manager’s agenda.

Window Cleaning

Spotless gleaming windows not only look great, but offer other benefits. Dirt or mould particles that build up on your windows can affect air quality, making a proper window clean essential. Clean windows also allow the sun to penetrate and warm up the home, so cleaning your windows can save you money on bills. You get a better view, and your home or business will look well cared for.

Builders Cleans

A builder’s clean is much more intense and heavy duty than for instance a normal domestic clean. You can imagine the mess left after plastering, painting and jobs that create rubble and dust. Builders cleans are required to leave the space looking spick and span after any building work.

Professional cleaning has really taken off thanks to all of the above, as a professional clean puts peoples minds at rest. Methods of cleaning vary and can make a real difference, along with the correct high quality products. Here at Lawrence & Co, you will find a wide range of cleaning products and services to fulfill every need. Whether it’s general domestic or office cleaning, window cleaning or builders cleans we offer a first rate, expert service. We are adept at matching the perfect product and technique for each specific application, so contact us on 01942 674785


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Restoring Beautiful Limestone Floors

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Limestone floors can look stunning, and give any home its own impressive character wherever they are laid. Some people are under the impression that their damaged limestone floor will have to be ripped up and replaced. This is seldom the case, as most natural stone floors in Manchester and Cheshire can often be seamlessly repaired. We see floor tiles that are chipped or cracked, and even movement of grout which can cause problems. These issues won’t sort themselves out and will only get worse, so it’s time to get the experts in.

Loose grout can be caused by either sub floor movement or inadequate adhesive application on installation. Once the reason has been identified, the problem can be specifically remedied. If stone tiles have not been sealed or the seal has worn away, they can appear dull and dirty. Cleaning doesn’t seem to help this situation, so initial sealing is extremely important. Spills on unprotected stone floors can become permanent and require specialist removal.

Using harsh chemicals to clean limestone tiles is a big mistake too, resulting in a surface with an etched and scratched effect. Normal strong household cleaners will burn limestone, marble or other stone floors giving an unattractive look. PH neutral soap and water are the best products to use, and provide a gentle cleaning action. Proper maintenance and repair carried out by skilled experts will ensure your limestone floors look as good as new.

At Lawco, we love a challenge, successfully completing jobs that other contractors have turned down, saying they were too complex. There is usually a solution to even the most hopeless of cases, which is where our many years of experience comes in. We have repaired several limestone floors in Manchester and Cheshire, leaving the customers delighted. Give our friendly team a call for more information on 01942 674785



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Prevention is Better than Cure!

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This is so true, especially in relation to stone flooring, which needs to be looked after carefully to retain its beauty. Here are a few tips to help keep your stone floors in Liverpool in tip top condition :-

  • Firstly dry dust all surfaces frequently with a dry mop or soft bristle broom before cleaning .
  • Mild detergent or special stone soap [widely available online], should be used to clean the floor.
  • Dry the surface immediately and avoid allowing liquid of any kind, even water, to sit and dry.
  • Where there are spills, blot carefully rather than wiping, so that the smallest area is affected.
  • Adjust your vacuum to the hard floor setting, so that the brushes are in contact with the floor as opposed to the plastic or metal. Scratches are not easy to remove, and re-polishing will be probably required.
  • Non slip mats and rugs are a good idea in places that are likely to get wet, but take care to keep the underneath as dry as possible to prevent staining.
  • Ensure that people carrying out work in your home use protective groundsheets so that no damage occurs.
  • Continue to clean stone flooring regularly even if sealed.

With natural stone floors always avoid :

  • Using vinegar, lemon juice or anything acidic to clean limestone, marble etc, as these will eat into the stone.
  • Scouring pads, wire wool or other abrasives.
  • Any product with abrasive additives in them, as these will strip off any sealant and damage the surface.
  • Dragging items across your stone floor as this may cause scratches, or drop heavy items which can result in chips or cracks.
  • Leaving dust on the floor surface as this can be slippery and cause falls.

For more advice on care of stone floors and to find out about what we offer call Lawco on 01942 674785.

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Which Blinds are Good for the Winter Months?


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Choosing blinds that keep your home in Upminster warm and cosy is easy peasy! There is so much choice when it comes to window dressings, odds are you’ll be delighted with the results whatever your taste. Blinds that are slatted are less likely to retain heat, so roller and Roman blinds are the most popular choice.

The fabric you go for will play a big part in thermal insulation, blocking heat from escaping through your windows. Thicker or lined fabrics provide a functional solution too, and will contribute to keeping your fuel bills in check. Some people choose blackout blinds which block cold air as well as light when closed. Thermal blinds are as their name suggests designed specifically for this purpose, and they work really well. There are even blinds that are light coloured on one side to reflect heat and darker on the other side. These can be reversed depending on the weather or season.

Apart from the type of material used, your blinds should fit the windows properly, sitting as close to the glass as possible. Gaps should be avoided as they will inevitably reduce effectiveness by allowing warmth to escape. Be sure to adjust your blinds correctly, opening them in the morning to let in the sunlight, and closing them at night. Blinds are particularly useful if you have a conservatory, as heat can escape through the numerous windows and roof. You can even install roof blinds if there is exposed glazing.

Applewood Interiors are experts when it comes to blinds, curtains, pelmets and soft furnishings, and offer exquisitely made, bespoke products. They also provide a free home visit with design advice and samples, free quote and measuring and fitting service! Their talented team are sourced locally, and prices are pocket friendly.


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TLC for Terrazzo Flooring

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Terrazzo floor repair is about working with this beautiful material and getting the best possible results. Antique Terrazzo flooring has a character all it’s own, with individual features and imperfections. These add to the charm of ‘terrazzo, and care has to be taken so that the repairs do not stand out like a sore thumb. Years of experience and a range of techniques means excellent results every time. This type of flooring is one of the most durable and long lasting available. When properly repaired and restored, it provides a stunning focal point for any home whatever it’s style. There aren’t many sights more spectacular in a house than a Terrazzo natural stone floor which has been diamond polished.

Loved by interior designers and architects alike, these floors are the first choice of many discerning home owners. They are also favoured for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, shops and many other areas that require a tough, all purpose floor. It can be installed using a poured in place epoxy method, pre-cast, or a cement blend.

Just a regular brush and mop is needed to keep Terrazzo flooring beautiful, but small scratches or areas of damage should be addressed quickly. Cracks and chips can be repaired seamlessly by matching the resin and aggregate, and a high gloss finish will show off the vibrant shades. A polished finish also makes a room seem lighter, and there is no need for additional embellishments such as rugs.

Terrazzo can be deceiving, as there have been many instances where people have moved into a property and taken up carpets or flooring to discover Terrazzo underneath. The floor may be dull and damaged leading them to think it needs to be removed. This is usually not the case and even cracked and scratched Terrazzo will look amazing once repaired, treated and polished. Always consult the experts about your Terrazzo flooring, you’ll be very glad you did.

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Renovate or Relocate?

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Renovating and revamping your living space is a great way to have the home you desire without having to up sticks and relocate. Kitchens and bathrooms are high on the list of favourite renovations in the UK, closely followed by extensions and conversions. The trend towards renovation rather than relocation began several years ago because of the rise in house prices. The concept caught on, with many choosing to change and redesign their property to their exact preferences where possible.


Kitchen renovations are a hot topic throughout the UK, as this room is one of the most important in the home. Much time is spent here chatting with family and friends over tea or coffee, cooking, eating or even doing homework. Even with a modest budget, a kitchen renovation can bring dramatic changes to your lifestyle.


The bathroom is another priority for home owners when it comes to upgrading and improving. The layout may be something that needs rethinking, as sometimes little thought seems to have gone into the positioning of toilets etc. As with the kitchen, there are now a number of water and energy saving features available that will ultimately save you money.


In general a floor level extension will cost less than a loft or basement conversion, as there is usually less structural work needed. Popular across the board are conservatories, which also offer a major advantage when it comes to selling your property. These home improvements can transform your space, and can provide an area for a kitchen diner if desired. This provides plenty of daylight and will merge the garden and home where stunning multi-fold doors are installed.


Valuable space can be added to the home with a loft or basement conversion, without interfering with other parts of the home or garden. It’s important to think about the design of stairways and windows or skylights. Building specialists like Multi Building Services can advise on aspects like this. Smart storage solutions are also a good idea in these compact spaces. Basement conversions are ideal for maximising usable living space, and the floor can be lowered also for additional space. As with loft conversions, it is important to create a solid structure, that is watertight for a successful result.

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Stone Care Tips

Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Granite, Stone & Wood Floor Repairs & Maintenance, Diamond Polishing Re-Surfacing & Re-Sealing

As many homeowners have discovered, the beauty of real stone flooring is well worth a bit of initial investment. Whether professionally installed or all your own work [using high quality hire equipment], these floors can substantially raise the profile of any property in places like South Ockendon. If properly looked after and maintained, natural materials like stone, marble, slate and granite can last a lifetime.

That said, we emphasise that, like most things of value, they need to be cared for in the correct way to ensure they aren’t damaged. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts : –

  • Try to keep the stone’s surface free from dust, sand and grit, as these can encourage scratches.
  • Mop up any spills as quickly as possible.
  • As with treated wood, always use drinks coaters to protect from permanent staining and marking, particularly with calcareous natural stones like onyx, marble or travertine.
  • Clean daily if you can, and carry out a deep clean periodically.
  • Avoid using lemon juice, vinegar and harsh cleaners designed for grout, tiles or bathrooms.
  • Place an effective barrier between the surface and hot items such as serving dishes, and use placemats under ceramics, china, silver or anything which could scratch.
  • Don’t use any abrasive substance and don’t mix bleach or ammonia [as this creates toxic gases].
  • Never blend different chemicals unless the floor cleaner instructions tell you to.

Caring for your Stone Flooring
– Make sure you have non slip rugs and mats near entrances, this gets rid of dust and debris from shoes.
– Regular dusting, sweeping and mopping of your floor will help them to look fabulous for longer.

Any damage can often be rectified by specialists in stone, marble, slate, granite maintenance. You will be amazed at what can be achieved when it comes to stone flooring with skill, experience and knowledge.

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Flooring Choices for your New Build

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One of the advantages of a new build, is that you can start from scratch and carefully make choices like overall design, fittings and flooring. Trying to create a perfect balance between beauty and practicality is the key to success here, and a bit of thought will go a long way.

When it comes to flooring options there are a few hard and fast rules to consider before making your decision. Being aware of areas that will receive heavier foot traffic, or are liable to be in receipt of spills etc is important. Ignoring these points in favour of what looks nice or is on trend could end up costing you an arm and a leg before long. Here are some of the most popular forms of flooring, and their advantages and downsides:-


This has been the floor covering of choice for years, until laminate became desirable with its easy clean surface. Asthma and similar problems have resulted in a lessening of carpet use too, although it is still on the agenda for many. Carpet is hard to beat for luxury, warmth, comfort, and these days their stain resistant nature is incredible. Bear in mind it isn’t the best choice for constantly wet areas or extremely high traffic.


This used to be a favourite with landlords as it was cheap, cheerful and practical, but vinyl is still very much around. There is also the high quality Luxury Vinyl Tile [LVT] which is more expensive but replicates materials like marble, stone and wood beautifully. It can often be used with underfloor heating but check with the manufacturer.


This choice feels warm, natural and is hard wearing, although maybe not the best for kitchens or bathrooms, plus it can be damaged by stiletto heels. You can find a wide selection of shades from dark to light, to compliment most decorating schemes. Works well with underfloor heating too!


Natural options like marble, granite, sandstone and slate can produce gorgeous results, and this type of flooring is well known for raising the profile and value of any home. They are not cheap, but if maintained properly these natural materials will last a lifetime and look even better with age. Underfloor heating also has the green light here.

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Elevate your living experience with an Orangery

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For those who want something a little more substantial than a conservatory or sunroom, but without the hassle of an extension, an orangery is an ideal option. As summer approaches, we all naturally gravitate towards the garden to enjoy the bright sunshine [when we get it] and fresh air. Rather than stepping out of the home straight into the garden, it’s nice to have a structure that kind of represents both indoors and outdoors. An orangery performs this function very well, and is an extremely popular home improvement.

This light and airy, but solidly built room provides space for a range of purposes and activities, whether work or play related. They can be designed to compliment the rest of your home, or to display an individual look. These structures have all of the advantages of being part of the exterior or garden, as well as being highly versatile by adding a room to the home. If you decide to sell your property, most buyers are delighted to see home improvements of this kind, and the value of the home is typically increased.

Orangeries are elegance itself and advances in design and technology mean that they are innovative, thermally efficient and secure. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in an orangery this year here are a few reasons why you should. An orangery will give you:-

  • More living space
  • A bright sunny room
  • The ability to customise the light with blinds
  • Energy efficiency
  • A place to work, rest or entertain
  • A smooth transition from indoors to outdoors
  • A valuable home improvement
  • A cosy area in wet or cold weather
  • A great view of the garden, birds, sunrises, sunsets, etc

There’s a wide choice of flooring options for orangeries with stone, slate or tile being favourites. These are great with luxury thick pile rugs scattered around, and comfortable, stylish furniture to complete the look.

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Traditionally New

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It’s increasingly common to see existing buildings renovated or refurbished to create a new home or business premises. The process is ideal from an environmental perspective, limiting the need for major demolition, plus saving time and usually money. The concept is also popular due to the aesthetic results of many projects, which develop beautiful properties while retaining a unique character. The old and the new are merged to give an attractive and functional building solution favoured by developers and investors. In many cases these projects do not even require planning permission, allowing them to get underway faster.

There is a need here for professional input when it comes to renovating older structures, to ensure that the intended outcome is possible and that projected costs are acceptable. Buyers expect these properties to perform in the same way as new builds, and this is frequently the case, although listed buildings can present some issues here.

The key to success with this type of enterprise is a realistic and flexible approach, along with the right technical support and advice. Important aspects are:-

Structural stability – An investigation or appraisal by a structural engineer should identify the suitability of the property for the proposed renovation.

Roof – An existing pitched roof which is under 15 years old can be considered for retention pending an expert report.

Treatment of timber – Timber components should be assessed for signs of moisture content, presence of insect infestation or fungal attack. It may be wise to consider options for treatment of timber.

Opting for things like natural types of flooring such as stone or marble will not only provide a hard wearing, practical solution, but a chic look that never goes out of fashion. For advice on any renovation, refurbishment, extension or conversion contact construction specialists like Thornwood Construction Ltd. They have substantial experience and an excellent success rate when it comes to this type of project.

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