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Elevate your living experience with an Orangery

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For those who want something a little more substantial than a conservatory or sunroom, but without the hassle of an extension, an orangery is an ideal option. As summer approaches, we all naturally gravitate towards the garden to enjoy the bright sunshine [when we get it] and fresh air. Rather than stepping out of the home straight into the garden, it’s nice to have a structure that kind of represents both indoors and outdoors. An orangery performs this function very well, and is an extremely popular home improvement.

This light and airy, but solidly built room provides space for a range of purposes and activities, whether work or play related. They can be designed to compliment the rest of your home, or to display an individual look. These structures have all of the advantages of being part of the exterior or garden, as well as being highly versatile by adding a room to the home. If you decide to sell your property, most buyers are delighted to see home improvements of this kind, and the value of the home is typically increased.

Orangeries are elegance itself and advances in design and technology mean that they are innovative, thermally efficient and secure. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in an orangery this year here are a few reasons why you should. An orangery will give you:-

  • More living space
  • A bright sunny room
  • The ability to customise the light with blinds
  • Energy efficiency
  • A place to work, rest or entertain
  • A smooth transition from indoors to outdoors
  • A valuable home improvement
  • A cosy area in wet or cold weather
  • A great view of the garden, birds, sunrises, sunsets, etc

There’s a wide choice of flooring options for orangeries with stone, slate or tile being favourites. These are great with luxury thick pile rugs scattered around, and comfortable, stylish furniture to complete the look.

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Traditionally New

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It’s increasingly common to see existing buildings renovated or refurbished to create a new home or business premises. The process is ideal from an environmental perspective, limiting the need for major demolition, plus saving time and usually money. The concept is also popular due to the aesthetic results of many projects, which develop beautiful properties while retaining a unique character. The old and the new are merged to give an attractive and functional building solution favoured by developers and investors. In many cases these projects do not even require planning permission, allowing them to get underway faster.

There is a need here for professional input when it comes to renovating older structures, to ensure that the intended outcome is possible and that projected costs are acceptable. Buyers expect these properties to perform in the same way as new builds, and this is frequently the case, although listed buildings can present some issues here.

The key to success with this type of enterprise is a realistic and flexible approach, along with the right technical support and advice. Important aspects are:-

Structural stability – An investigation or appraisal by a structural engineer should identify the suitability of the property for the proposed renovation.

Roof – An existing pitched roof which is under 15 years old can be considered for retention pending an expert report.

Treatment of timber – Timber components should be assessed for signs of moisture content, presence of insect infestation or fungal attack. It may be wise to consider options for treatment of timber.

Opting for things like natural types of flooring such as stone or marble will not only provide a hard wearing, practical solution, but a chic look that never goes out of fashion. For advice on any renovation, refurbishment, extension or conversion contact construction specialists like Thornwood Construction Ltd. They have substantial experience and an excellent success rate when it comes to this type of project.

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A World of Extension Choices

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A new extension is always an exciting prospect, especially with all the choice in design, colours and materials available these days. This bright, open space is perfect for modern family life, adding extra space and serving as a playroom, dining room, another living room, kitchen, study area or somewhere to entertain. The sky’s the limit when it comes to décor, as you can either design the extension to compliment the rest of your home, or give it it’s own unique look. The flooring you choose is important, as this area is more accessible from the garden, so maybe luxury pile cream carpeting isn’t the best choice! Easy clean laminate, vinyl or stone tiles are options to go for here, and there are lots to choose from.

Pastel colours and luxury seating, mood lighting and a home entertainment system will all provide the perfect relaxed and modern setting for this room. Or perhaps you prefer country cottage chic with tongue and groove walls and a cosy multi fuel burner, for a rustic feel. Grey slate floor tiles set the scene in this arrangement, whether it’s the real thing or the LVT original.

The use of glass, gloss, and acrylic will increase the feeling of light, as will light coloured walls, and extensive use of glass will have the effect of bringing the garden indoors. Pale sun kissed yellow will add a bright sunny dimension to your extension, complimented by rattan furniture and plenty of plush scatter cushions. Pale travertine flooring is wonderful here and completes the airy fresh feel.

The ‘chocolate box’ look is great in this kind of space too, featuring old style pine table and chairs with lots of plants, botanical prints and floral patterns. Laminate floor keeps up the natural homely theme here with it’s practical warmth.

Make sure you find a qualified professional company like SJP Building Services to complete your extension, and you can sit back and enjoy the results!

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