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Flooring Choices for your New Build

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One of the advantages of a new build, is that you can start from scratch and carefully make choices like overall design, fittings and flooring. Trying to create a perfect balance between beauty and practicality is the key to success here, and a bit of thought will go a long way.

When it comes to flooring options there are a few hard and fast rules to consider before making your decision. Being aware of areas that will receive heavier foot traffic, or are liable to be in receipt of spills etc is important. Ignoring these points in favour of what looks nice or is on trend could end up costing you an arm and a leg before long. Here are some of the most popular forms of flooring, and their advantages and downsides:-


This has been the floor covering of choice for years, until laminate became desirable with its easy clean surface. Asthma and similar problems have resulted in a lessening of carpet use too, although it is still on the agenda for many. Carpet is hard to beat for luxury, warmth, comfort, and these days their stain resistant nature is incredible. Bear in mind it isn’t the best choice for constantly wet areas or extremely high traffic.


This used to be a favourite with landlords as it was cheap, cheerful and practical, but vinyl is still very much around. There is also the high quality Luxury Vinyl Tile [LVT] which is more expensive but replicates materials like marble, stone and wood beautifully. It can often be used with underfloor heating but check with the manufacturer.


This choice feels warm, natural and is hard wearing, although maybe not the best for kitchens or bathrooms, plus it can be damaged by stiletto heels. You can find a wide selection of shades from dark to light, to compliment most decorating schemes. Works well with underfloor heating too!


Natural options like marble, granite, sandstone and slate can produce gorgeous results, and this type of flooring is well known for raising the profile and value of any home. They are not cheap, but if maintained properly these natural materials will last a lifetime and look even better with age. Underfloor heating also has the green light here.

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