Prevention is Better than Cure!

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This is so true, especially in relation to stone flooring, which needs to be looked after carefully to retain its beauty. Here are a few tips to help keep your stone floors in Liverpool in tip top condition :-

  • Firstly dry dust all surfaces frequently with a dry mop or soft bristle broom before cleaning .
  • Mild detergent or special stone soap [widely available online], should be used to clean the floor.
  • Dry the surface immediately and avoid allowing liquid of any kind, even water, to sit and dry.
  • Where there are spills, blot carefully rather than wiping, so that the smallest area is affected.
  • Adjust your vacuum to the hard floor setting, so that the brushes are in contact with the floor as opposed to the plastic or metal. Scratches are not easy to remove, and re-polishing will be probably required.
  • Non slip mats and rugs are a good idea in places that are likely to get wet, but take care to keep the underneath as dry as possible to prevent staining.
  • Ensure that people carrying out work in your home use protective groundsheets so that no damage occurs.
  • Continue to clean stone flooring regularly even if sealed.

With natural stone floors always avoid :

  • Using vinegar, lemon juice or anything acidic to clean limestone, marble etc, as these will eat into the stone.
  • Scouring pads, wire wool or other abrasives.
  • Any product with abrasive additives in them, as these will strip off any sealant and damage the surface.
  • Dragging items across your stone floor as this may cause scratches, or drop heavy items which can result in chips or cracks.
  • Leaving dust on the floor surface as this can be slippery and cause falls.

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