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Elevate your living experience with an Orangery

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For those who want something a little more substantial than a conservatory or sunroom, but without the hassle of an extension, an orangery is an ideal option. As summer approaches, we all naturally gravitate towards the garden to enjoy the bright sunshine [when we get it] and fresh air. Rather than stepping out of the home straight into the garden, it’s nice to have a structure that kind of represents both indoors and outdoors. An orangery performs this function very well, and is an extremely popular home improvement.

This light and airy, but solidly built room provides space for a range of purposes and activities, whether work or play related. They can be designed to compliment the rest of your home, or to display an individual look. These structures have all of the advantages of being part of the exterior or garden, as well as being highly versatile by adding a room to the home. If you decide to sell your property, most buyers are delighted to see home improvements of this kind, and the value of the home is typically increased.

Orangeries are elegance itself and advances in design and technology mean that they are innovative, thermally efficient and secure. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in an orangery this year here are a few reasons why you should. An orangery will give you:-

  • More living space
  • A bright sunny room
  • The ability to customise the light with blinds
  • Energy efficiency
  • A place to work, rest or entertain
  • A smooth transition from indoors to outdoors
  • A valuable home improvement
  • A cosy area in wet or cold weather
  • A great view of the garden, birds, sunrises, sunsets, etc

There’s a wide choice of flooring options for orangeries with stone, slate or tile being favourites. These are great with luxury thick pile rugs scattered around, and comfortable, stylish furniture to complete the look.

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Restoration of Wood Flooring

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We not only provide spectacular results with repair and restoration work on stone, marble, concrete, terrazzo and slate floors, we also offer the same service for wood flooring. A beautiful, gleaming finish for your wooden floor will add a stunning dynamic to rejuvenate your rooms, giving them a shine that can last years.

Damage from heels, toys and pets along with problems like old peeling varnish will render wooden flooring unsightly and compromise it’s functionality. Sometimes the degraded varnish is a darker shade than the wood underneath, making it look even worse. In this case, you may consider dabbing a little fresh varnish over the top for a quick fix, but proper preparation and treatment will give a much longer lasting outcome.

We recently completed restorative work on a wood floor at a popular Social Club in Greater Manchester using our tried and tested methods. We of course use personal protection such as dust masks, ear protection and appropriate shoes while carrying out this type of work.

  • Masking – We masked all fixtures and fittings near the area in order to protect them from dust and debris accumulation, as well as contamination by other materials.
  • Sanding – The floor surface was then dry sanded using coarse, medium and fine heads (plant complete with dust control attachment). This process gets rid of any scratches, scuffs or old varnish, and leaves a gloriously smooth finish ready for the next step.
  • Epoxy Application – This two pack epoxy moisture curing floor seal was applied using short nap applicators, and allowed to cure.
  • Wet Sanding – Once cured the floor was wet sanded with fine Fabricut discs and wet vacuumed dry.
  • Finishing Application – The final application of seal was carried out and all protection removed.

As you can see the results are extremely impressive delivering a pleasing transformation. Call us to discuss how we can help with your wood flooring on 01942 674785.

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