Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Granite Stone Floor Repairs & Maintenance

We cover all aspects of Natural Stone, Marble and Terrazzo Flooring.

•  Italian marble, terrazzo, granite, limestone, Welsh slate, mosaic new installation.
•  Repairs, refurbishment, on site in-situ repairs.
•  Tile replacement, tile joint line repairs, impact hole and crack repairs.
•  Re-grouting, re-surfacing, stone polishing, re-sealing together with high gloss
...diamond polishing of the surface finish.

Natural Stone Tile Floor Care.

High quality polished marble floors etc, require non-aggressive cleaning techniques. It is not uncommon for beautiful floors to be installed at a cost of many thousands of pounds then not be given basic maintenance regimes to prevent damaging the floor surface installation or joint lines.

We also see beautiful tiled floors ruined by aggressive cleaning powders and techniques that over a period of time will attack the surface finish. At this point we are called in to repair the damage, restore and re-surface tiles and joint lines.

Lawco Flooring renovate and maintain stone, marble and terrazzo floors in many sectors, across the UK. From supermarkets, hotels, showrooms, universities and airports to public buildings and domestic floors -for details see Stone Tile Care Page.

Stone Staircase Repairs

We are specialists in the repair, renovation and maintenance of staircases. We deal with impact damage to stair tread nosings and other maintenance issues. Please see Stair Repair for details.

Our skilled workforce is trained in-house, drawing on 50 years of hands-on experience of stone floor and staircase renovation and maintenance.

If you have a problem with damage to your floor or staircase cracks, gouging, holes, impact damage, staining etc, we can provide the answer.
So please call us now on 01942 674785.

Our office is open from 7.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. Monday Friday


Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Granite Stone Floor Repairs & Maintenance. Diamond Polishing Re-Surfacing, Re-Sealing. In Situ Stone Tile Replacement. Supermarkets, Universities, Churches, Offices, Museums, Public Buildings. Staircase Refurbishment & Repair. Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Chester, Preston, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Wales, Edinburgh, Scotland

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