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Stone Floor Tile Care

Our business is refurbishment, repair, cleaning, sealing and diamond polishing of all natural stone flooring terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, mosaic.
We work in a variety of settings:-

Corporate clients

When working for corporate clients we are usually required to work to dedicated time scales, co-ordinating our activities with a host of other on-site trades.

We carry out specialist construction and refurbishment of flooring for construction companies, national, medium and local independent companies.

Clients include Kier Construction, Liverpool, J. Wilkinson, Blackpool, Whitaker and Leach Yorkshire and G & J Seddon, Lancashire. These are long established contractors with whom we have been involved for many years.

Domestic floor repair and restoration

On a smaller scale of activity, these areas present the same challenges as corporate clients, and it is this expertise that we bring to the domestic market.

We carry out fire and flood damage repairs, which requires replacement of cracked and broken tiles, joint lines, cutting out joints, in filling with synthetic marble resins, carbon stone grinding, to produce a flat floor finish.

This is then followed through with industrial diamonds and resealing to finish to a glass like surface.

Our services are well documented and recognised throughout the stone industry, and our company is put forward by marble suppliers throughout the country as an experienced contractor who can provide the right answer, service and standard of works required for problem jobs.

We also receive many enquires though our membership to the National Federation of Terrazzo, Marble and Mosaic, based in London.

Conservatory Floors

Natural product tiles – marble, granite, Terrazzo, sandstone, limestone and Welsh slate are popular choices for conservatory floors. A common maintenance issue with conservatory floors is that course matter walked in from outdoor flags outside the conservatory will dull the natural stone floor over time.

Course, flame textured flags are also used in conservatories. They are very attractive but also very difficult to clean. We will polish and seal a natural stone conservatory floor and bring out the natural colour of the floor.

If you have a natural stone conservatory or kitchen floor please Contact Us for a quotation to revive it and bring out the beautiful colouring of the stone.

Typical Floor Repair Projects

Conservatory Floor Restoration

In many older, character conservatories, the marble floors have become dull, chipped and worn. We carefully restore old conservatory floors, giving a conservatory a new lease of life.

Church Stairs Renovation

Church stairs treads and risers can become very badly damaged, to the point of becoming a safety hazard. We repair snips and cracks to the nosings, regrind the treads and risers, then reseal and re-polished the marble or Terrazzo flooring.

GU Square, Manchester

Here we repaired the floors in the lift lobbies at four levels. The work involved repairing and diamond polishing the marble floors.

Office Block, Deansgate Manchester

Some times we find that a marble or granite has simply been worn out and damaged beyond repair. In such cases the only option open to us is the take up and replace the floor.

Daimler Chrysler UK office

We have recently repaired the reception area floor in the Daimler Chrysler main UK office in Milton Keynes.

Hilton Hotel, Birmingham

We undertook repairs to the hotel?s flooring during a shut down for a major refit.

We dealt with cracks through the marble flooring and grout was missing in joint lines and stairs. We completed selective repairs including resurfacing, resealing and diamond polishing.

Hilton Hotel, BirminghamHilton Hotel, Birmingham

Public Library, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Here we removed all carpet adhesive residues, resurfaced and resealed the floor, finishing with a light polish. We also did some small joint line repairs and hole repairs.

Public Library, Worksop, NottinghamshirePublic Library, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Former Farm House, Cumbria

This coarse flagstone floor provided a safe non slip walking surface but was displaying signs of wear.

Working on the existing flagstone floor, we cut out joint lines using a wide cut diamond tipped blade. We dry vacuumed all joints for residue, then refilled the joints with a water repellent joint line compound. Finally we did a deep clean and applied three coats of stone impregnator and enhancer to enhance the colour and structure of the slab.

Former Farm House, CumbriaFormer Farm House, Cumbria

Italian Restaurant, South Manchester

Here we were asked to re-polish 57 marble table tops, which had become mat with wear. We had never had such a request before. Drawing on all our experience we diamond polished the table tops to 6 grades, restoring them to a beautiful 800 finish. The restaurant owner was delighted with the final outcome, the sheen of his table tops providing a whole different identity to his restaurant.

Italian Restaurant, South ManchesterItalian Restaurant, South Manchester Italian Restaurant, South ManchesterItalian Restaurant, South Manchester


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